Assets covered by Asset Intelligence Services are:


Mike Hirst MBA
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Why use AI and not use the banks own internal auditors?
We are a cost effective alternative and totally independent you only pay for the reports you want and do not carry the cost of full time staff.

How much does it cost?
Depending on the number of audits required we offer a flexible as needed fee system or a term contract. See example

Where do Asset Intelligence services cover?
We cover the UK and EU

Is AIS Environmentally responsible?
We undertake wherever possible to use public transport and minimise our carbon footprint.

Do we offer Service Level Agreements?
Yes. We agree these with you at project start up.

How long does it take?
We are able to carry out an inspection and report back within 48 hours. Assets in remote locations may take longer.

Do you value assets?
No. We assess condition and how the assets are being treated, including the environment, and take high quality photographs. We can carry out research and cross check asset details if required this can be particularly useful with classic cars. Many banks prefer to make their own valuation based on our assessment of condition.

Do you check every single asset?
In most cases, yes. In certain circumstances - for example large fleets - this may be impractical: in these we will take a representative sample of your choice and report on any control systems exist.


Cost effective = only pay for what is needed.
Independent = no conflict of interest or compromise
Saves time = frees up sales staff time so they can concentrate on sales.
High quality - Clear, thorough and dependable.

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